One of the Turkey’s most active NGO leader has been detained!

Osman Kavala, one of Turkey’s leading and most active NGO leaders, has been detained upon his return to the country at the Istanbul Ataturk Airport on Thursday.


On his detention, Tuna Beklevic, a presidential candidate, criticized the detention and said the following in his press release:


“This detention threatens anybody that advocates Western ideals and production of art, culture, literature and music. This is the direct result of paranoia like Soros, German foundations and foreign forces developed by proxies of the one man rule.


This is revenge against the country’s art and culture wealth that their say is limited. This is an opportunism that can be described as ‘If we successed, we can destroy fading relations with the West, if we cannot, at least we will hit the Turkish intellectual life with heavy blow.’


This is a crucial exam for the opposition camp in Turkey. If we cannot prevent the Erdogan regime from its never-ending efforts to detain people from opposition camp everyday, we cannot stop this trend. Even if the opposition camp can take deadly blow everyday, it should be succesful to stand up. It should stay united. It should not let this witch hunt. It should protect Turkey’s wealth in unity and togetherness. It should beat as one heart.”


Tuna Bekleviç

Turkish Republic Presidential Candidate



Tuna Beklevic, a presidential candidate in Turkey, sent open letter to European leaders, calling on them to take account of Turkish nation’s priorities instead of Tayyip Erdogan’s remarks.

In his letter, he said the following: As you are very well aware, Turkey’s journey into becoming a European Union member has not started in the Erdogan era. Turkey has embarked on this journey by signing the Ankara Agreement on 12 September 1963. This journey has been sealed in Helsinki at 1999. In this journey over 50 years, the Tayyip Erdogan regime is just an unfortunate road accident. Unfortunately, some populist rhetorics in European countries have bolstered Erdogan’s stance.


Turkish leader announces his campaign for the presidency.

Independent Turkish leader, Tuna Bekleviç, declared his candidature for Turkish presidential election, scheduled for 2019.

The head of no party, which founded last year on the ground of the referendum on April 16, 2017, became a first non-partisan leader to announce his candidacy for the chair.

In establishing the No Party, Bekleviç faced with bureaucratic hurdles to officially establish his party although it requires no official confirmation to set up a political party in Turkey. The Interior Ministry did not forward the request to a judicial body to block the party officially launch. The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) mentioned this incident in its report following the referendum.

The Turkish leader said the party would prioritize development, justice, and security, adding that, “Our principles are also centered on respect for diversity, empowering the fundamental rights and freedoms.”

Bekleviç said if elected, the party aims to implement “100 steps within first 100 days,” adding that: “These measures include a promise to bring the regime’s extensions before the court and to enlighten the 15 July military coup d’état attempt and to return the parliamentary system.”

Bekleviç said any voters could see what they promise at www.tuna2019.com. “We declare all data to the public,” he stressed. “The campaign will not mar with flaws,” he said.

Labelling the current regime in Turkey as “one-man regime,” Bekleviç said the ruling elite do not have a chance to win the 2019 election.

“This regime does not have an opportunity to bring forward any value for this country. That’s why they will lose,” Bekleviç continued, adding that the party will put emphasize on resistance against the one-man rule.

He said the opposition would take place against the regime’s economic and political links not only inside the country but also in abroad. “We will support any party or independent candidates that resist against the one-man rule no matter what,” he said.

He stressed that the party and its volunteers would not trap by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s rhetoric.

“We will care neither his insults nor his slanders and threats. We will stay away from violence and adhere to principles of law. We are aware of what we are doing, and we will win this election. They are past, but we are future,” Bekleviç said.

The party is against ‘joint candidate.’

Regardless of suggestions to bring a joint candidate against Erdogan, Bekleviç ruled out such proposals.

Bekleviç, “The result of 2017 referendum showed that there is no chance that one-man regime can win in the first round. That’s why the first round will also show who the joint candidate will be. Public, rather than chair persons of political parties, will decide that contender,” he noted.

The No Party leader Bekleviç visited 67 cities, at least 150 districts and thousand villages across the country for No campaign before the 16 April 2017 referendum, he said he is confident to compile necessary signatures to be nominated with 113,000 volunteers and a strong team of 400 people.

Bekleviç said their resistances would be an inspiration for the world, adding that he will visit every village in the country to tell their campaign promises.